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Why Direct Mail Marketing is Far From Dead – Infographic

Direct mail marketing is often seen as being old school and ineffective but according to this infographic from Colourfast it is still a very effective marketing technique. All we need to do is look at the ROI with returns as high as 1,300%. People still like mail and 70% find it more personal than the internet with up to 40% of people willing to give businesses a chance after receiving direct mail.

People also just seem to like receiving mail and no matter how big digital marketing gets, direct mail looks set to remain popular. Many see checking their mailbox as a ritual and it is the first thing they do in the morning. Marketers who get to the mailbox in clever and cost-effective ways have a great opportunity to connect with their customers.

Check out the full infographic now to learn how to create an effective direct mail marketing campaign. Hopefully, it will teach you a few things about creating a great campaign.

Why Direct Mail Marketing is Far From Dead – Infographic


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