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What is social video marketing?

Social video marketing is a creative visual form advertisement. It gives a brand the opportunity to market its product and services to potential clients, using a short video clip. The purpose of this video is to engage a new audience and keep existing customers in your circle.

The infographic by the team from DjiBestBuy show you how to build emotional connection to strengthen your brand loyalty

An example of social video marketing

A nice example of a successful social marketing video is ‘Groups’ by Facebook.  Since the inception of Facebook, social networking has moved from being a collegiate platform, to the one for a whole family. The main goal and business of Facebook is to connect people on a social platform.

The platform’s ‘Group’ video, explains how Facebook successfully connect people who share similar interest to themselves, irrespective of the distance. It creatively identifies how users can get more fun from Facebook by providing a known problem and processes of solving it.

Why you need social video marketing to propel your brand?

Social video marketing is important, as it gives your brand the opportunity to communicate directly with your clients. And make them feel the passion and seriousness you put into your work. However, social video marketing helps you build emotional connection between you and your audience. Past experiences have shown that videos work well regardless of the category it is displayed.

A video can directly leads to sales, as long as it engages your targeted audience and explains to them what they want to hear about a brand. Before people decide to buy their stuff from any brand, the first thing they need to feel is trust. And social video marketing helps in building that trust, and build a good brand image in the audience’s mind. Trust is the basis of a good relationship between the buyer and the seller, social video marketing helps you achieve this.

What is social video marketing?

What is social video marketing?

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