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What is Kik Clone app

Kik clone app is the new app on the horizon that is altering how people use their mobile phones. It is a multi-player application, which can be used for PCs, Mac, and general computer apps. The Kik app works a lot like the WhatsApp application. One just has to download the app using a Wi-Fi link in order to enjoy its services. Like Tinder, Kik is a chat app. It is an instant messaging app provided by Kik Interactive for mobile devices. Its download is possible for free using the Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. This app is made on the lines of the Blackberry messenger.

Every advantage that social media offers can also be turned into a disadvantage. It only depends on how you look at it.  Instances of privacy loss, unwarranted posting of pictures, identity theft and cyber-bullying are rampant. These problems require the need of a phone tracking app. The Kik clone app is one such app. It is related to most teenagers’ issues. The time required to build a new Kik clone app is based on the requirements of the customer. One main quirk of this app is that it can easily connect to other users to build a strong communication network. Sharing of emails and mobile phone numbers is also possible to be incorporated into the app.

5 advantages of kik clone app and how can it be useful

Most people agree that its cons are much more than its pros. In other words, its negative points are much more as compared to its advantages. Still, in this article, we will study the five advantages of this app.

Ease of communication

The Kik app is a lot like the WhatsApp messenger app. It is used for contacting people and it acts as a substitute to standard texting. This means it provides a huge profit on restricted data and text plans. This app enables you to send an unlimited number of texts that can be utilized easily on any platform.

A wide community of users

Over 4 million people worldwide use this app to communicate and send messages. The Kik clone app has a communication theme that makes it easy for customers to talk to friends and family without incurring exorbitant phone bills on a monthly basis. This enables users to save money on a monthly basis. It has users worldwide and therefore it is widely accepted in many countries.

Free download feature to all mobile phones

The Kik clone app is free to download app for all mobile phones. This app is unlike some other applications that require a small amount of money or data to be downloaded. This app is downloaded easily on almost all devices whether it is the iPhone or an android mobile phone. Moreover, this app consumes less space as compared to similar other apps.

Blocking features

This application has a unique send-delivered-read notification system. It also lets us block easily unwanted contact persons. At times, people may get out of hand when sending messages using the Kik clone app. When such a thing happens, you can easily block them out so that you cannot receive their messages any longer. In this app, the blocked user will not be informed that he has been blocked. In addition, you can easily unblock someone whom you have blocked earlier. In this application, there is a unique feature that the blocked member will not know that he has been blocked on the Kik app.

Upgraded applications

Kik app has a full-screen browser that is an upgraded version as compared to those on other social media apps that tend to utilize powered expense browsers. Such a browser offers a unique user experience along with customized features. This upgraded browser enables the user to browse different sites, which were hitherto not possible to be surfed on earlier browsers.


Creating useful apps can help generate revenue. The Kik clone app gives authority to current codes to provide benefits to different layouts. Very few sources can help in revenue generation like stickers, unlocking features and numerous types of inbuilt app purchases and adverts. Additionally, revenue can be generated by letting users remove ads so that they can get a messaging experience without the ads. Along with the advantages mentioned above, the Kik clone app also has its disadvantages. It is noteworthy here that the apps disadvantages far outweigh its advantages. Parents are ignorant of this app, thus, it makes it particularly attractive to teenagers.

While kids are always, one step ahead of parents when it comes to the use and abuse of the internet, the onus is on the parents to make themselves aware about the different types of social media their child is accessing. They also need to learn how to set boundaries for children. A child’s safety is not a matter of personal opinion. This makes modern parents use parental control apps. It is high time that parents became aware of the different types of apps available in the market so that they can monitor their child’s app usage and keep a control on their child’s internet usage. It is true that the internet is a highly addictive medium; however, the parents can always put a check on the internet usage of their kid.

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What is Kik Clone app

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