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Top 10 Home & Family Shopify Themes (+ Fashion Shopify Templates)

Living in 2018, you can’t deny that the internet has already become a huge part of our lives. It can easily improve any sphere of our daily routine and change it for the better. For example, thanks to the internet, a usual online user doesn’t need to go outdoors to buy food. You can do it online and even save some money with free delivery. On the other hand, you can do shopping without living your comfortable bed and buy things online for sale. What is more, doing something online, you can check the reviews to see the opinion of other customers. It helps to make the right decision and choose a quality shop, company or restaurant. On the other hand, with the help of the modern internet, you can save time while booking an appointment. Today you can do it directly on the site.

To sum everything up, making online business has a lot of pluses but how can you do it? Fortunately, today’s technologies do not require coding knowledge. With it, the user is able to manage the business site of their dream using such things as Shopify themes. In this post, we have prepared for you the list of top 10 home and family Shopify themes.

Nokshi – Charming Handmade & Craft eCommerce Shopify Theme

Nokshi - Handmade & Craft eCommerce Shopify Theme

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First things first, Nokshi is a charming home and family Shopify theme, which fits many purposes and allows a user to build business website ASAP. In a word, the presented template would be a powerful tool to create a professional website related to such purposes as jewelry, handmade goods, furniture or accessories. To say more, Nokshi is perfect for eCommerce. This Shopify theme has everything and anything you may want to use to build a winning web shop. Among the features of the template, you will find 4 various home page styles that are absolutely ready-made, user-friendly menus, (dropdown menu and Mega Menu) smart sliders, and much more.

Tmart – Minimalist Multipurpose Home and Family Shopify Theme

Tmart - Minimalist Multipurpose Shopify Theme

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If you need a cute and minimalist Shopify template, don’t miss this wonderful and multipurpose product with lots of ready-to-use pages, called Tmart. On the whole, the theme contains over 10 home page variations, 3 header styles, multiple shop page layouts, 5 banner styles, 8 inimitable slides, 5 footer styles, 15 preloader variations, etc. As expected, this incredible Shopify theme is fully customizable, so a user will be able to change any component of Tmart up to their taste. In addition, opening the package of Tmart, you will see such trendy functions as Tab Product with Carouser. It lets showcasing your goods in an attention-grabbing way.

Chuck Loon – Responsive Toys & Children Clothes Online Store Shopify Theme

Chuck Loon - Responsive Toys & Children Clothes Online Store Shopify Theme

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Firstly, buying Chuck Loon, a user gets a totally multi-currency design that will help them to attract new prospects and enter the global market without trouble. On the other hand, you should always remember how important a visitor-friendly design is because it is the detail, which makes a client enter your site again and again. So, how can you create such a design? Actually, one of the top points is letting a customer find what they are looking for without plenty of time. For these simple reasons, Chuck Loon comes with the smart sorting options that help the website owner sort all their goods using different categories. Plus, you can always add many subcategories if needed.

Neha – Immersive and Multipurpose Home and Family Shopify Theme

Neha - Multipurpose Shopify Theme

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At the outset, Neha has really flexible color options, which means you can change the appearance of the website in a couple of clicks. Also, there is a built-in Google Analytics in the package of this multifunctional home and family Shopify theme. With its help, a user is able to view out a very detailed statistics to figure out what kind of clients they have. Needless to say, it’s important to know the needs of your prospects because that is how you can become more customer-friendly. Thus, Neha will take care of this point.

Dress Shop – Sophisticated Wedding Dress Online Shop Shopify Theme

Dress Shop - Sophisticated Wedding Dress Online Shop Shopify Theme

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Created with Bootstrap 4 Grid System, Dress Shop is a marvelous Shopify theme, which has a lot of trendy features and beautiful design components in its package. Same to the previous home and services Shopify theme, Dress Shop is a multi-currency template but it’s not the only advantage of the product. For instance, inside the theme, a user will see Collection List feature. This simple option allows the visitors creating groundbreaking collections with your items and sharing them via social media. No extra skills needed, so anyone will be able to create an eye-catching collection!

INFYNIC – Calm Baby Clothing Online Shop Shopify Theme

INFYNIC - Calm Baby Clothing Online Shop Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

When it comes to INFYNIC, keep in mind that one of this clothing store Shopify themes brings you an attractive and truly changeable homepage with many useful sections that are already pre-designed. Among them, a user gets such things as brands, slideshow, single product, product carousel, blog articles, gallery, collections list, maps, banners, testimonials, and much more. By the way, there is also a cool logo list, so you can choose a modern logo to make your business website more professional and recognizable easily. Also, choosing INFYNIC, a user gets Featured Products option. It allows creating noticeable collections with the items you want to highlight. They will be shown on the main page.

Home Decor Ace Home and Family Shopify Theme

Home Decor Responsive Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

Without a doubt, there’s no secret that these days a user doesn’t need to work with the code in order to build a fantastic business website. Well, it became possible thanks to drag-and-drop that remains a real web design trend for years! In a word, this easy but working technique allows code-free website building. It means that you can create new online pages and style them using lots of pre-packed design elements. What else can you do using this ace Shopify theme? It has 100% mobile-friendly design, so you can increase your traffic without a hitch, as today there are more than 50% of all traffic relates to the small-screened gadgets.

Housewares – Colorful Culinary Home and Family Shopify Theme

Housewares Responsive Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

Before everything else, this colorful home and family Shopify theme comes with 18 ready-made sections for your future online project to be done just out of the box. This 100 % responsive template contains Brands function. It’s here to help a client to sort your goods by their manufacturers. It’s an easy-to-use option, so a visitor sees the needed items once they click the name of a certain brand or company. On the other hand, choosing Housewares, you get Product Quick View must-have function, which will appear on every product image. As soon as a visitor clicks it, they will see a pop-up, which contains different product information.

Doors & Windows – Unique Home and Family Shopify Theme

Windows & Doors Responsive Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

As you may know, website slider is an amazing thing because it allows you to promote the needed information or products in all their glory and do it with ease. Choosing these unique furniture Shopify themes, a user will be able to create bright sliders to present their new goods and other important info you need to emphasize. Place the slider wherever you want and don’t hesitate to customize it because this process is as easy as ABC. Finally, Doors and Windows offers you to set a price per currency for each and every item, which makes the navigation of the website even more visitor-friendly.

Ceramica – Soft and Elegant Tile Stone Shopify Template

Tile Stone Shopify Template

Details | Demo

To end with, we choose this soft home and family Shopify template, which is crossbrowser compatible and allows the owner to forget about browser testing. Inside this elegant tile stone Shopify theme, a user can see CSS Grid, which means that they can change the placement of any block in any order. Needless to say, your blocks will be shown in accordance with the design of the grid. So here is one more easy in use feature to enrich website look. Additionally, Ceramica comes with a tiny Product Badges option that would be a great addition to your eCommerce site. It shows the value and status of the product.

Top 10 Home & Family Shopify Themes (+ Fashion Shopify Templates)

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