Top Agile Trends to Watch Out For
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Top Agile Trends to Watch Out For

Nowadays, Agile is not just a buzzword but proved to be more than that in the IT industry. In today’s development world, every IT company is trying its best to offer one-stop solutions to its clients. In this method, most organizations go for the Agile development process to deliver the product as per customers’ needs.

Moreover, in this procedure, changes can be made, and the new requirement can be added easily as another element of the product. So, in this article, we will discuss the trends that Agile methodology includes to help you sail safely through the competitive marketing environment.

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Agile Development Value Proposition

Organizing Short-Term Activities Oriented Training

Organizing the workshop or a training session based on short-term activities is a newly developing trend in Agile companies. One must plan to train the members for the execution of explicit expertise in certain activities. The short– term Agile workshops or training helps the Agile members with new thoughts and firm comprehension of the Agile roadmap. The enhanced capability to execute short iterations supports to sell the product beforehand.

Quick Feedback = Quick Result

Expectations are good when it comes to planning, but the ever-changing working conditions, new requests, and modified quality measures, etc. differ the outcomes. The greatest trend in Agile is to focus more on users’ feedback rather than relying upon the expected result.

The quick result is crucial for Agile teams to comprehend the way project development is going. It builds a friendly atmosphere providing every team to give feedback or comment. Continuous integration (CI) is the best tool to boost quick feedback.

Embracing Agile Spirit

Another new trend includes the organization adopting the Agile trend as a part of their business culture. Businesses are organizing short-term training processes as we discussed in the first point to strengthen the Agile perspective of team members. The use of modern Agile standards drives businesses to add more values with attractive benefits.

Agile Spirit embracement can be improved by following the five easy strategies- simple tactics- be straightforward, be disciplined, ensure participation, get everybody aligned, and set up collaboration as an Agile tool.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Progressive Agile teams are opting for cloud-based solutions for finding new ways for imagining (forecasting), coding, testing, and deploying quicker than they are/were doing now to stay ahead of their competitors.

The businesses that follow cloud-based Agile systems have gigantic competing support for higher quality, agility, faster market response, decreasing cost, gaining the client’s experience, etc. It tends to be said that Cloud technology will be an Agile accelerator.

More Focus on ‘Business Value’ of User Stories

Nowadays, Agile businesses are more centered around estimating the slacking pointers like rate on investment (ROI) of new products, Net Promoter Score (NPS) of colleagues or clients, process duration and operational stability, and so on.

Utilizing three-dimensional metrics, and ROI is the new way to measure the business value of a client story. Recognizing business values before composing a client story and after that assessing the business values is an enormous move in modern Agile practice.

Final Thoughts

Agile methodology is progressively growing and takes your business to success. By following and implementing the above given Agile trends, an Agile team can boost businesses to grow with better visibility to users.

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Top Agile Trends to Watch Out For

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