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Top 10 Actionable Email Marketing Methods That Will Boost Results

Email marketing is a smart internet marketing method, coming with a lot of benefits. One can reach out to the target audience effectively and quickly through email marketing campaigns, with a personal touch involved in them. These campaigns are also cost-effective and let people know more about the products and services of the company, without having to spend much.

The amount of money spent in designing the email and then sending it to hundreds and hundreds of recipients is significantly less, compared to advertising through newspapers, brochures, and flyers. A simple email template design can work wonders for the company. In this blog, we will discuss some actionable email marketing methods that are bound to bring positive results.

  • Testing the subject line before delivery and sending the mail along with the real person’s name always bring positive results. With the email subject line tester, there comes a free tool, also built into CoSchedule, which makes it very easy to optimize the subject lines and also lets the sender see how it will look in the inboxes of the recipient.

Moreover, if people receive the mail from the actual person, it appears genuine and approachable. Also, getting a mail from a person rather than a brand is always good as it strikes a friendly chord. For bloggers or solo consultants, the name of the individual stands for the brand but for larger retail and B2B brands, this strategy helps build relationships.

  • Most of the email service providers have the option of editing the sender field as a part of their email template design. The name of the individual who sends the email can be used as a point of contact if the recipient has any question or query. A personalized email also ensures guaranteed positive results as people feel that they are being treated as identities and not just numbers. Thus, emails should be more personalized by including the name of the recipient in it to generate the best results.
  • Using powerful words is an age-old strategy for email template design. The subject lines should encourage the readers to take an action. There are plenty of words that will encourage the readers to open the mail and read it fully. One can also experiment with numbers and statistics. Including a number in the subject line, will positively influence the clicks and replies to a great extent.

There are a number of reasons for the same. Firstly, the numbers are concrete and are more specific about the claims and benefits. Also, when people see more of numbers or statistics, they have a compelling urge to click the information and know more about it.

  • A/B test subject lines should be an integral part of email template design. No study or any kind of external data point will ever be as substantial as one’s own results. One of the best ways to get to know more about what will work for the audience is to do the A/B test as much as possible. The subject lines are one of the obvious email elements to split test and most of the email providers make this task very easy.
  • Creating a curiosity gap is a theory and a practice, made popular by some sites, that leverages the curiosity of the readers to make them click through a headline to the content. By creating a curiosity gap, there is a chance of encouraging the readers to have an urge to know more about the actual content.

The email template design should be created in such a way that the answers to all the questions are not given. Surveys show that this technique is responsible for driving a    927% increase in traffic, which is really humongous.

  • One should make use of the available preview text. The preview texts appear in some of the email clients after the subject line. Usually, this space is filled with the copy from the email. If there is no specified preview text. One should not leave it blank as it gives a very good chance to make the subject line more contextual. The preview text will offer more specifics than the subject line.
  • Experimenting with emojis is a very creative way to chart out an effective email template design. People should know that emojis are just more than fun illustrations. They are a great way to initiate people in opening the emails. It has been proved that brands which use emojis have more than 50% increase in their open rates. Other than just simply depending upon some tools and software, strong writing or copywriting skills are very much important for proper email marketing. Good content should be an important part of email template design.

Keeping the content brief i.e. sentences around 25 words and paragraphs under 3 sentences, using 17-24 characters for the subject lines and getting to the point are musts for serving the purpose.

  • Including one or more CTA or call to action should be a very important part of email template design. This is a very simple step to increase clicks by putting links in multiple spaces.
  • For the requirement of extra links, one can add a PS. Newsletters include many links to various sources of content, but if it is a plain text email, the readers should be always directed towards a single location using a PS.

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Top 10 Actionable Email Marketing Methods That Will Boost Results

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