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The Top Marketing Automation Software of 2018

For digital marketers at least, it would be very hard to imagine a world where there is no marketing automation software. Sending out thousands of emails to generate leads, managing all your contacts, or tracking website traffic would be close to impossible without marketing automation software. To say that marketing automation software has made the work of digital marketers easier or in some cases, more bearable, would actually be an understatement. At the very least, marketing automation software has changed the face of the marketing world, and such tools are here to stay.

The Top Marketing Automation Software of 2018

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Here are some of the top marketing automation software for 2018.


Helping hit the measurable sales and marketing goals of a small to a medium-sized company are what the CRM and email marketing platform Infusionsoft is pretty good at doing. It’s easier to do repetitive tasks such as billing and payment, follow-up, and contact management with Infusionsoft, which counts custom auto-responders, intuitive contact and lead management, and a simple drag-and-drop email builder among its features.


Does your small-medium company have sizeable marketing and sales teams? If the answer is no, then SharpSpring is perfect for you. This comprehensive marketing automation tool boasts of features such as 3rd party CRM integration, integrated call tracking, core campaign management, and universal CMS compatibility. SharpSping is also quite flexible, as it can easily integrate with other applications.


Pardot may have a reputation as one of the more expensive marketing automation software in the market, but whatever plan you get, it will be all worth it. It is, after all, also regarded as one of the most powerful marketing automation tools out there. With its intuitive user interface, search and social marketing capabilities, drop-down and graphical automation branching, and unlimited branching options, Pardot has indeed earned its current status.


Many marketers call HubSpot the Swiss Army knife of inbound marketing, and it’s a well-earned reputation. One of the most powerful marketing tools in the market, HubSpot combines marketing, sales, and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions with ease. Smarter and more data-driven campaigns are easy to create with HubSpot. Any business, startups and small businesses in particular, will surely see its marketing efficiency and effectiveness rise when they use this pioneering tool.


Teams with huge marketing teams in place can surely reap massive benefits if they use Marketo as their primary “engagement marketing software,” which is how it bills itself. The impressive features include lead generation, search marketing, website visitor tracking, campaign management, web and mobile personalization. Newer features such as Content AI and ToutApp Templates and its recent deal with Google that will see it migrate its whole product infrastructure onto the Google Cloud Platform makes Marketo even more powerful.


Act-On is also pricier than most marketing automation software, but the fact that it does practically everything makes it worth the price tag. Larger businesses will love Act-On, a cloud-based integrated marketing automation tool. Act-On counts inbound, outbound, account-based marketing automation, reports and analytics, lead nurturing programs, and CRM integration among its key service areas.


GetResponse has earned quite a reputation among email marketing services as being user-friendly. It has solid third-party contact integration and support, as well as a freeze accounts option, an easy-to-use tracking tool, and unlimited messages. If you want to give it a try first, it offers a 30-day trial that’s so generous it allows you to give all its advanced features a whirl, all for free.


Of course, no list of the top marketing automation software should ever miss having MailChimp in it, as it is easily the most powerful email marketing platform on the market. MailChimp has a very straightforward platform structure, which makes it easy to use even by marketing newbies. MailChimp provides new users with a way to get started with email marketing without much of the fuss associated with other marketing tools. This is probably why it’s the most popular tool of its kind as well with 14 million people using it on a daily basis.

Most of the tools mentioned above offer free trials, so if you want to be sure which one to use for your marketing efforts, take advantage of those freebies to help you choose the best one for your business.

The Top Marketing Automation Software of 2018


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