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How To Test Your Mobile App Before Launch

The Internet is making everything faster. Unfortunately, that also means our patience is getting shorter. Customers today expect that a mobile app will deliver a flawless experience for them every time. If it doesn’t live up to those expectations even once, that app and the company behind it are on thin ice. Nearly four out of five people say they would only give an app one or two more chances if it didn’t work on the first try. For businesses that have a mobile app, it’s imperative that the product they push out to their customers’ smartphones and tablets work perfectly each and every time.

Ensuring the flawless experience customers today have come to expect from mobile apps means businesses and app designers have to make testing their mobile apps the highest priority. That testing process has to include every single possible permutation of situations a user could ever put it through. Because, if there’s one thing mobile app experts will tell you, it’s that no situation can be considered too unlikely to test. You might think that it’s not possible for a user to try and complete a purchase while streaming video from another app, but if your app crashes or freezes while that happens, the user is far more likely to delete it, no matter how unreasonable that might seem to you.

The following checklist will help you test your mobile app to ensure that it will run properly every time your customers try to use it. Business moves very fast today, and nothing moves past you faster than a lost customer.

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