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Smart Email Automation to Boost Sales

How to do smart email automation for boost in sales?

247 billion emails are sent every day, amounting to one email every 0.00000035 seconds… But how many get read?  How many stimulate favorable actions of the reader?

These questions certainly made me scratch my head…

Smart Email Automation to Boost Sales

Intriguing indeed! The other side of the picture: email marketing produces $43.62 for every dollar spent on it (as per Direct Marketing Association). The sole requisite to achieve this amount for your email marketing campaign is to do things correctly. Actually, consumers also like getting mails, as much as retailers like. According to a survey done by Marketing Sherpa a sizable majority of 91 percent of U.S. adults say they like getting marketing emails from firms they do business with.

No doubt email is the toiler of digital marketing, which is actively operational to communicate with the potential audience and produce massive ROI, but How to do things correctly that it works as a magnate forcing the audience to open and act positively?

Let’s take a plunge into promotional email and discover how it can boost our sales.

Techniques to amplify the potential of your email marketing campaign

  • Blending email with social media – In your e-commerce marketing strategies the role of email marketing can be beneficial if it’s a combination of email and social media. In-fact, this is a holy new grail in this section. Here is what you can do to combine your email marketing campaign with social media:
    • Place a social icons in your emails
    • Get subscribers with the help of social networks
    • Add the button of “Re-tweet This!” in your email
    • Make a social group for subscribers
  • Give Personal – Touch Personalizing is a great way, it always works in your favor. You can personalize the content of your email by putting personalization tags as per subscriber field data. Personalize content such as text, imagery, vouchers, offers, coupons, dates and so on to assure ensure that it has a maximum impact on the individual. Create your mail keeping in mind the personal preferences of the reader. Keep in mind factors such as gender, age, location and interests to boost conversion.
  • Work on the Subject Line – The short subject line came into trend with the success of President Barack Obama’s email fund raising mail. It got an incredible engagement with subjects like “Hey” and “Wow.” Craft the perfect subject line for your e-mails. Keep it short, not more than 60 to 70 characters. A short and crisp subject line of 70 characters is tested as most beneficial to engage readers in clicking and reading the entire content your mail holds.
  • Check time before sending a mail The right timing pays back with an unending rain of conversions. You can build a quality email to suit your business timing. The prime time to send your mail is 8:00 pm to midnight. However, the email opening rate declines from 9 to 5.  So, the best email strategy would be to send it at night. Also note that the optimal mailing quantity to your customers’ would be according to you. So, the key goal would be test, test, and test some more to know what your consumers like.
  • Celebrate the weekend with e-mails – Apart from timings, you should also keep an eye on the days that are most suitable for sending promotional mails. According to a study by Experian, Saturday and Sunday did surpass the result of their weekday counterparts. The numbers of emails send on the weekends are generally low, so you can send an email in the evening. It will certainly stand out in a better way.
  • Analyze customers’ behavior, then market Email marketing enables retailers to test interactions, know customers behaviors and modify their marketing strategy to boost their experience. The campaign allows the marketer to collect data and test campaigns like messaging, offers and discounts on a scientific basis. However, the test enables marketers to predict which email marketing strategy would be the most robust to generate major revenue.


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