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How To Generate Your First 100 Sales

How to generate the first 100 sales for your drop shipping e-commerce business?

Congrats on setting up your new e-commerce business! Your website is launched and you are now waiting for traffic and sales to come flooding in, right?

If only it were that easy. *sigh*

How To Generate Your First 100 Sales


For most first-time entrepreneurs, waiting to make the first sale can be frustrating. But, did you know that there are 12 – 24 million online stores in the world but only 650,000 have been successful in making more than $1,000 in annual sales. Well, that’s some competition! But how do you make sure your business is successful and helps you earn a profitable income when you are still waiting for your first sales?

Drop shipping is a method used by various e-commerce businesses including Amazon. In fact, the Amazon Company has been using this business model since 2011 and claims that the method accounts for 34% of its product sold in the year alone. And if Amazon can do it, we are sure you can too.

Dropshipping is one of the best strategies for selling more products online. Instead of depending on your e-commerce website for sales, the dropshipping method allows entrepreneurs to market their collection across hundreds of online stores. As more and more suppliers become aware of the product you are endorsing, the profits maximize.

But how do you become a coveted dropshipping brand? How can you be successful in generating the first 100 sales in your dropshipping business? To answer your questions, here are some tips that will help you maximize your profits.

  1. Have great product images and descriptions

Does it sound too obvious? Well, you may be surprised to find out how many suppliers upload their product photos with little or no descriptions at all. Additionally, some pictures are so poor that consumers are not at all attracted or inclined to make a purchase.

Therefore, make sure that the photos you take are on a clean, white background. Also, it is important to take snaps from various angles. If your budget permits, you can even invest in a professional photographer to get a proper photo shoot done.

Along with images, having properly thought-out and written product descriptions are equally important. In fact, a recent study confirmed the importance of product descriptions where 95% of participants agreed that they read the product descriptions before making a purchase. Having great product descriptions also impacts SEO and allows your website to rank high in search engines, hence, attracting more traffic.

  1. Use social media for marketing goals

The number of social media users is expected to triple and reach 2.95 billion by 2020. That’s more than the quarter of the world’s population! The increase in social media users has led many marketers to use various platforms to advertise their businesses.

Social media platforms are one of the most effective and affordable ways to advertise a business. In a recent survey, 56% of marketers claim that Facebook ads have helped them earn great revenue while Twitter accounts for 23% of the total revenue earned.

Additionally, social media ads allow entrepreneurs to add a variety of photos, videos, and descriptions about their product. Above all, through social media platforms, you have a better opportunity to interact with consumers and a chance to understand their likes and dislikes.

  1. Build consumer’s trust

Many a time, users are skeptical about making a purchase from an online store. This is why, adding customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials are encouraged as they serve as a good way to build consumers’ trust. It also helps the prospective consumers analyze the experience a former user had with a product.

For example, Ali Express, a popular drop shipping store, takes a screenshot of their customer’s feedback and posts it on their website to build credibility. The same goes for Amazon which posts customer reviews on their website to make the purchase decision easy for new customers.

In fact, 84% of online shoppers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. 74% of consumers also agree that positive reviews about a business helps them trust the brand more. By adding reviews as a marketing strategy, you can increase the conversion rate on your website by 14 – 76%.

  1. Encourage shoppers to make a purchase

You must have noticed Amazon using the up-selling and cross-selling technique by displaying the “Frequently bought together” products.  Well, every business owner aims to maximize their profits, regardless of their reputation in the business industry.

By using the up-selling and cross-selling technique, most have agreed that they have managed to increase their revenue to as high as 70%.

  1. Invest in CRM tools

In the e-commerce business, it is important to be aware of your customers and their buying patterns. This is why many business owners invest in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to help analyze their targeted customers as well as improve their service. With the right CRM tools, you can instantly track your customer’s likes and dislikes, buying habits, return patterns, cost vs. profit, lead origination sources, and sales funnel.

In simple words, with the help of a CRM pipeline management tool, you can easily find out which products sell best, when are they most demanded by customers, and what kind of customer buys them the most. This allows you to easily manage your products, offerings, promotions, and other advertising methods.

  1. Be patient and persistent

When you are first starting out, it may seem very difficult to make the first sale. However, be persistent and continue to use marketing strategies smartly while improving your product and services. With time and patience, we are sure you will be making your first sale very soon.


These were just some of the tips to help you expand your dropshipping e-commerce business. Which ones do you integrate into your business religiously and which ones will you be trying out in the future? Do let us know in the comments below!


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