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How M-Commerce is Transforming Retail

The amount of people using smartphones continues to rise. This has significantly influenced both the way people shop online, and the way people shop in-store. Smartphone users can now interact with e-commerce websites 24 hours a day.  When you consider that 57.8% of consumers shop when watching television, and 17.3% of people shop while in cafes & restaurants, it is easy to understand why e-commerce sales continue to grow. It is so simple for a consumer to make purchases online in 2015 as  the modern consumer has a Smartphone at hand all day, every day.

How M-Commerce is Transforming Retail


However, the modern consumer doesn’t just use their smartphone to shop online, they also use it to research items that they plan on buying in-store. This means that bricks & mortar retailers need to consider things like in-store WI-FI. People want to check reviews of products in store and if this function is not available because of poor WI-FI, they may miss out on a sale. Find out more in this info-graphic from SnapParcel.

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