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Five Hottest Ecommerce Trends of 2016

The year 2015 was really a good year for all e-commerce owners and consumers. Consumers finally have found the way to shop online from the comfort of their homes at reasonable price compared to brick and mortar stores.

Mobile phone is one of the greatest technological advancement of our generation. Traditional methods of doing business is becoming more obsolete due to the large usage of smart phones and increasing number of helpful mobile applications. Change is making it necessary for business to follow along in order to be relevant. Change in technology can impress as well as improve your business and that is why ecommerce store owners should keep an eye on what is latest or hot and what is not.

So the question is: What does this New Year (2016) has in store for us? What are the trends that will be hot this year? We have done the research and this article will help your store to be prepared this New Year.

Five Hottest Ecommerce Trends of 2016

5 Top Ecommerce Trends for 2015

1] Multiple Shopping Channels

Gone are the days when people used their laptops and desktops to purchase online. Apart from Smartphones, tablets are being commonly used. In fact, now phones are becoming Phablets, that is to say, a combination of phone and tablet. The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) says that, multi-channel customers have the habit of shopping more frequently and spending 3.5 times more than the single-channel shoppers. This means that if customers aren’t converting on the PCs, they will still use their phones and tablets to search and buy. This is how it works and that’s the reason why ecommerce website development companies offer responsive websites to their clients.

2] Real Time Analytics Become the Norm

According to a recent study, analytics becomes the part of the play towards the end of the month. And in this New Year advanced real time analytics has become the standard. With this, you will be able to see how customers react while still looking at the site, thus improving decision-making on the spot.

3] Flash Sales

Even though this is not new, its effect has become widespread and therefore cannot be ignored. This type of flash sale is a habit among customers, especially during festive seasons. Although they expect huge discounts, make sure that you do not damage your brand in a bid to organize flash sale. This type of sale normally last anywhere from a few hours to few days. If your site is responsive then more customers will have a chance to access your site thus improving your sales.

4] Fast and Flexible Delivery

Amazon Prime Now offers this same-day delivery more often. This will have an impact on retailers with the mindset of “I want this and I want it now” or in other words a rush delivery. It was only during 2013 that a lot of shopping platforms have started offering same-day delivery service. And this New Year also will bring back this same-day delivery trend, often delivering it within an hour.

5] Eye-catching Homepages with Huge Images & Videos

In 2015, many ecommerce designers focused on short videos and large images, many of which took up the entire screen. These designs made a huge impact on both consumers as well as site owners, since ecommerce business can easily explain the purpose of the site through a short video or a beautiful image.  Moreover, large media sections will also help the consumer, since most of the mess is pushed to the second page, resulting in a one or two ways for the customers to go. It’s simple as that, yet elegant.

Hope, now you understood the trend that will follow this New Year. So ecommerce store owners follow this and be one step ahead of your competition. Good Luck. 

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Arjun Rishi is an experience web development works for a leading Magento website development company. He likes blogging and is a technology freak who always loves to share interesting tips to bloggers.

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