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Customer Service Tools For eCommerce

“It takes months to find a customer but only seconds to lose one.”

Customer Service – the word that holds your entire business; It can either make it or break it. It is needless to mention that people love good customer support.

Excellent customer service breeds faithfulness with your customers, assure them of making a purchase and confidence to come back for another. Running an e-commerce store with excellent customer service is a difficult task as it requires full support before, after and during the purchase.

But thanks to technology, there is plenty of customer services tools in the market that can help you maintain your store’s levels of service.

Whether you have a small e-commerce store or a big one like PennySaviour, here you will get to know about the tools you can use to provide outstanding customer service or just simply wow your clientele.


If you run an e-commerce business but still don’t use a live chat option, then there are bright chances that you could lose your customers. To remain competitive your business need a live chat option. Therefore, ClickDesk is a live chat app, whenever the customer visits your store it pop-ups and ask if they require any help.

When a customer sends a help request through it, the app collects all the relevant data including the person’s name, email address, referring site, browser, operating system, chat history, and location information. This information gives the customer service representative an advantage of an early start in assisting a customer. Moreover, you can use video and voice chat options with translation.


When it comes to online businesses especially e-commerce, the purchases never stops – meaning the customer can visit you any time no matter its day or night. Since ticketing service can be expensive for long-term use, Desk.com is the feasible solution.

Desk.com helps in automatic routing, and it enables you to live chat with your customers after integrating with ClickDesk. When a customer sends you an email, Desk.com software creates a ticket and assign it based on set rules.

This simple software does not constitute an extraordinary feature; you can manage email and tickets. So if you own a small e-commerce store, then it’s good enough.

Facebook Messenger

Barely, there would be anyone who is unaware of the Facebook platform. Consequently, the Facebook messenger is a widely-known app for chatting and connecting. With the continuously increasing functionality, it is now becoming a robust customer service tool.

People like to get connected with the brands through the familiar platform like facebook, and now it goes far beyond the live chat option. If you don’t want to invest any extra in your business, then use messenger as your support service.


Zendesk a flexible and a simple customer service tool is for large businesses as it offers multiple features.

It enables you to pile up all the customer communications at one place, generates ticketing whenever an email comes in and also manages the customer service representative. Moreover, the Zendesk platform is quite supple so it could even cop up with the increasing growth of your e-commerce business.

Zendesk also allows you to add a knowledge base to your site, permit customers to access an extensive support library that takes off the stress from customer service team.


Exceptional customer service is as essential for success as oxygen for life.  There are several customer service tools available, but it’s up to your business then which one could work for you. Know about the customer service tools; create your own strategy using some of it at this point.

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Iffat Tafseer is a computer system engineer. She works as a content writer at Perks logic for a site PennySaviour. She has many of her blogs published on divergent topics including Tech, lifestyle, and traveling.

Customer Service Tools For eCommerce

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