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Crosstraining Marketing with Sales

How often do your sales and marketing teams sit down and really learn and share? If you’re like many businesses, they don’t do it often enough—they’re too busy figuring out plans for their individual departments.

Crosstraining Marketing with Sales

But the more cross-training between these two, the better for your company as a whole. Think about it: Sales hears directly from customers about what’s working (and what isn’t). Marketing is able to report on efforts that worked (and those that didn’t). Getting the two departments together, regularly, is a way for them to share their expertise.

And it’s also a way for you to take a fresh look at the two departments, to search for leaders that might not otherwise get a chance to shine and for teams to take a whole-company approach to streamlining and effectiveness.

What other ways can you get these two areas to cross-collaborate and improve things for them both? This graphic can help.

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The Monumental Benefits of Cross-Training Marketing with Sales

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Crosstraining Marketing with Sales

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