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5 Tips to Hire the Best Email Marketing Manager

Most individuals today are email subscribers. It has become a favored means of communication. It is the first thing people check on waking up and the last to bed. Email campaigns are very good to digital marketing and content marketing. A good manager will work with the data from the campaigns to drive ROI and increase revenue from customers. It is important to know who has obtained what and how often. It helps expand the services. Getting the right person to brand image of the company is therefore key. This is because the people you have in the contact list are those that opted in to hear from your company. He/she must have good public relations skills. The emails should include CTA (call to action) and engage the customers. The emails should address the customers as “you”. It is very efficient compared to the website, which has most people who stop over because of wandering around. This can be a challenge to a recruiter especially at the time of recruitment. However, the first step as an employee is to have a good and detailed job description.  An employer should have his/her interview tips right.

Experts from career services pay attention to an email marketer job, which should be taken by an individual both good at and in love with technology as well as being a data-driven person. A good marketer should have experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Technology is ever changing concerning email software. The director of email marketing should, therefore, be up to the task.

5 Tips to Hire the Best Email Marketing Manager

What Are the Job Responsibilities for an Email Marketing Position?

The manager has the obligation of attaining the marketing goals of the company through the organization and delivery of the client communication emails. He should also be in a position to come up with new strategies for the improvement of the email channels. In addition, should also be able to make planning and carry out campaigns alongside ensuring the company contact list grows. Apart from one on one-interview questions, the employer can also give marketing interview case questions to the applicant.

1.      Marketing Manager Interview Questions During Hiring

The common marketing interview questions about email marketing include the following:

  • Have you used the latest software development?
  • Which other companies are involved in email marketing?
  • What is your email marketing philosophy?
  • How can you improve your email deliverability?
  • What metrics and actions do you use to measure the success of a campaign?
  • What marketing manager skills do you possess?

2.      Skills and Knowledge a Great Email Marketer Should Have

The email marketing manager in waiting should also be in a position to name some of the companies that are in email marketing. The email marketing job needs a person that is current with the marketing strategies. This will help you know how well the applicant is informed. It is very important for an employer, to know if the candidate already familiar with some of the competitors in the market.

If the interviewee can elaborately explain how they can improve their email deliverability so that they are not treated as junk mail – it’s a good sign. The applicant should be able to explain in technical terms the deliverability codes. They should also explain the methods they take to improve their deliverability. This will give a glimpse on the knowledge if the applicant fits the jobs descriptions and what skills one already has. Any email marketing manager has to be comfortable with the analytics. Due to the numerous nowadays trends, a great email marketing manager should have a big amount of ideas, track open and click rates, unsubscribes and new subscribers, bounces, list growth and conversion rate and do A/B tests, to know what’s working and what’s not in your email strategy.

The knowledge of an email marketing job description is key for an applicant. He should be able familiar with different email strategies and be able to work with the type of current emails the company is operating. Let him explain how he can develop them. There are numerous components surrounding email marketing. Make sure the contestant fills your skills gap. He should not omit anything important to your team. Becoming a marketing manager, he should be in a position to explain the components: database management, project management design, strategies in a campaign and should be able to mention his strongest area.

3.      A High Level of Commitment to Work

A good emailer manager is one who is passionate and therefore has a high level of commitment to email marketing careers. Let the email marketing specialist explain to you how one has succeeded to stay up to date with the technologies. The applicant should be able to tell you about the latest software developments and be able to identify the type of email software that fits the needs of the particular business. The deep understanding of multiple concepts is necessary. The deliverability of the emails is the first essential step – be sure the applicant know the basics and won’t spam or use double opt-in. The emails should be mobile friendly. Candidate should provide subscribers with something they cannot get from other platforms and services.

4.      Philosophy of an Employee

It’s important to for aspiring manager to describe the philosophy of email marketing. During the hiring process, an employer should pay attention on how the applicant is comfortable in the career. A good candidate will have about two facts they have learned in their field which have molded and will help shape their career further.

5.      The Employee’s Managerial Skills

The employee should possess all the three aspects of managerial skills; technical skills, conceptual skills and personal skills. A good manager has good interpersonal skills and has the technical know-how of the job. The manager should be able to analyze issues critically, make the evaluation and come up with a proper decision for a specific challenge.

Email marketing has become one of the easiest and most reliable ways of marketing given that almost everyone owns an account. People check their emails more often than they do their social media accounts. Therefore, a good manager of email marketing should be committed and one that is up to date with every new software in the market especially regarding emails.

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5 Tips to Hire the Best Email Marketing Manager


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